Bicoloured rectangles

Creative Oozings #8 – Progress with Attic Windows

Yesterday was Quilt Club day, and the day that we were all due to start our Attic Windows projects.  I’d hoped to be able to have all my fans ready and fabric bought for the background squares, but January has been a busy month work-wise (yay) so I hadn’t had the time to spend playing with fabric (boo).  As it was, I didn’t even have time to cut all the strips I needed before the session, so while other members zoomed along doing gorgeous Attic Windows with glittery New York skylines or vibrant poppies, I plodded along with my rotary cutter and sewing machine and generated a pile of bi-coloured rectangles in sets of three, enough for 24 blocks.Bicoloured rectangles

The next task is to trim them to 6 1/2″ and use the Dresden template to cut out my wedges:Dresden template

(Well, actually my next task was to sit and do my tax return like a grown-up, but after I’d done that I felt a little “reward patchwork” was in order!)  But it’s nifty, eh?  It’s still possible to go wrong at this stage though, as I just proved to myself:Fan facepalm

One of these things is not like the other!  The one on the left is the correct one.  Thankfully, I elected to start with the most easily replaced blocks (I have black butterfly fabric left) so this is an annoyance rather than a disaster and I feel silly rather than enraged.  I’m also wondering if I couldn’t just unpick that centre seam, press and reorder the pieces and sew them back together again.  It’s probably worth a try before I reach for the rotary cutter and cut whole new strips for the sake of 7″.  Also, I should probably not try and do things like this when I’m hungry.

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