Stipple on the back

Creative Oozings #11 – Doodle Bug

My new embroidery foot showed up recently and I finally got a chance to wield it; first on some test scraps and then, finally, on my rainbow Bargello!  It was quite a challenge to keep the machine running at a sensible speed – fast enough to make nice stitches but not so fast that I couldn’t keep up and feared for my fingers – and there are a few places where I found myself in a quilting cul-de-sac and panicked, but all in all I’m quite pleased with how it came out and with the rainbow variegated thread I chose.  I think it really works well with the rest of the quilt top.Stipple on front

Stipple on the backThe top is now neatly trimmed and just needs the binding to be a completed quilt!  However, I’ve run into a fabric-shortage problem with the binding, and it’s entirely self-inflicted.  I’d been to Annie’s to pick up assorted fabrics to finish off a couple of projects, including binding for the Bargello.  After measuring and doing some very generous calculations, I ended up with almost a metre of dark red-orange fabric to use, which was more than enough for my needs.  Unfortunately, I’d been tempted by a FQ pack of five blue-and-white Japanese prints on eBay, and after they somehow found their way through the front door I immediately launched into making a bag with them.  Initially I’d had my eye on a different fabric to use as the lining, but it became apparent that it really wasn’t a good match, whereas the red-orange solid fabric I’d bought for binding was just perfect.  The fabric had spoken, so I cut up what I needed for the bag and then cut the remainder into 2 1/4″ strips to bind the Bargello.  It probably says a lot about how much fabric I bought that, even after using a lot in the bag, I’m only about 24″ short for the binding of the Bargello!  It’s frustrating to be so close and yet so far, but it will just have to wait until I can get more.


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