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Creative Oozings #14 – Easter Presents

What do you do when you’re house/dog-sitting for a fortnight?  Spend it sewing, of course.  I’d intended to make some progress on some of my many on-going projects, but ended up making the blue messenger bag as a birthday present for my cousin’s wife and a table runner for my aunt instead (which I only finished binding about half an hour before they got back from their holiday).

Blue messenger bagEaster table runnerPretty chuffed with how they came out.  Especially the letter on the bag, which I’ve never done before and made up as I went.  Apart from not being central (aaaaaaaargh, how did I manage that?!), it looks like an A and I’m very glad she doesn’t have a name that starts with something difficult, like a B or a Q!


3 thoughts on “Creative Oozings #14 – Easter Presents”

  1. I love your#14 E I could easter present I was wondering if you can give me direction on it love to make for my granddaughters .you did a. Beautiful job.

    1. Hello! Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve had a busy few weeks since Easter – I haven’t been at home since the start of April and have no current access to my sewing things! I’m not sure which thing you mean, but if it’s the bag, then I got the basic tutorial from here and then made it patchwork by cutting 4.5″ squares (4″ finished size with 1/4″ seams) of coordinating fabric to make the outside of the bag. The front panel is 3 x 4 squares, the back panel + flap is 6 x 4 squares, and the strap and side were pieced from some scrap fabric I had, cut to 4″ wide and sewn into two ~44″ strips. The letter was kind of guesswork since I never did anything like it before and can’t easily explain how I did it at the moment – I might try doing other letters too and perhaps do a bit of tutorial for them when I get a chance. The star is quite easy, though – you need your central square (with or without a letter) and 8 HSTs of the same fabric (just cut 4 4.5″ squares across the diagonal). Then take a “background” square and place a HST on it, right sides facing, so that when the HST is sewn on with a 1/4″ seam and pressed down it will cover a corner of the base square. Trim the corner seam to 1/4″, then attach another HST to cover an adjacent corner of the base square and trim that seam to 1/4″ too. Then trim the whole thing back down to a 4.5″ square. Repeat three more times to make the points of the star and then arrange with your other squares to create your preferred pattern before sewing the whole panel together. Hope this helps, and happy sewing! 🙂

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