Heart blocks progress

Creative Oozings #15 – Coin Stack, Heart Attack and Retail Therapy

So it’s been a while, but I haven’t been completely idle!  I’ve been away and then busy with work, but I have squeezed a few crafty things in here and there.  Below is the little coin stack top I made:

Coin stack

I bought a big budget pack of charm squares and some marble charm squares and made this up quite quickly (for me!)  It was originally going to be a quillow, but in the end I decided that it was fine as a regular quilt.  I’m annoyed that my “coins” don’t line up exactly, but it’s quite fun anyway.  I have some red starry fleece to back it with, I just need to get on and baste and quilt it.  It’s a good size for a baby quilt at ~ 36″ by 48″, and people keep having babies at me at the moment so it seems a good idea to make up some appropriate quilts!  I don’t really hold with gender stereotyping of colours, but this does feel more like a boy’s quilt than a girl’s quilt.  Mind you, depends on the child!

Also, remember these?

Heart components

They’ve been languishing for ages because I’ve been working on other things. I even intended to do some while dog-sitting for my aunt – I took all the bits with me – but ended up making completely new things instead!  Then I went to spend a month helping out with my friends’ three small children (aged 3, 1 and newborn) – there wasn’t time for sewing and if there was, there certainly wasn’t the energy!  Now I’m back home, and it’s high time I cracked on with this project – my sister is expecting a baby in August so I should at least finish *this* quilt even if I don’t manage to make a baby quilt on time.  (I do have vague plans in that direction too, but more on that later perhaps.)

After some thought, I decided I did need to make 25 nine-patch blocks instead of 16, so that’s obviously more hearts I need to make, but I think it’ll make a better-sized quilt in the end.  That said, the only time I’ve had recently to do sewing is at Quilt Club!  Even so, I’ve started chain-piecing the hearts (rather than faffing about making them one at a time) and consequently I’ve made a pleasing amount of progress – over half the hearts I need are now pieced up and waiting to be made into disappearing nine-patches!  And I have a small stack of pieces pinned and waiting to become hearts, too.  My next job is to cut some more cream squares – I knew I didn’t have enough cut, but wasn’t sure what the short-fall would be so I decided to use up what I had and see how far I got.  Fortunately I still have a *lot* of cream fabric to use, so that’s not a problem!  And obviously I need to make up and then disappear the nine-patches, but I’m not so worried about that bit now that I’ve done a couple of D9Ps.  At last I’m feeling like I can see the end of the tunnel with this project and it’ll be really good to get it done and dusted.

Heart blocks progress

I’ve also been quite naughty recently – buying fabric when I still have all those projects on the go!  But you just can’t resist pretty fabric – or at least I can’t.  I like to visit fabric shops when I go away – the few local ones are ok, but it’s nice to see different fabric selections and choices too.  When I was down in Dorset dog-sitting, I visited Hanson’s fabric shop several times – it was amazing!  So much patchwork fabric, I didn’t know what to do with myself!  It’s where I got the fabric to make my aunt’s table runner, among other things.  I also went to the fabric shop in Salisbury and got some lovely solid-coloured fat quarters and some really cute strips.  Not quite sure what’ll happen with them yet, but they’re lovely colours and I definitely needed more solids in my stash.  No, don’t look at me like that!  I really did!  😉

I also recently went to Aberdashery in Aberystwyth, on the way up to Anglesey to see family, and picked up five really lovely yellow and gray fat quarters:Sunny fat quarters

I love the way the colours interplay and I think I may do something really nice and simple with them – perhaps just a lot of equilateral triangles (with or without a honeycomb pattern – I’m not sure yet).  I seem to have done a lot of fiddly things recently, so I’d like to do something straightforward for a change!  While I was there, I also picked up two more FQs of the gorgeous poinsettia fabric I used in some of my Christmas presents and two more Oriental fabrics.  No idea what I’ll do with them, but I really like the Oriental/Japanese/Chinese designs.

While I was in Anglesey, my uncle and aunt took us to Abakhan, a fabric warehouse in north Wales.  (I’m not sure my uncle will be daft enough to do that twice!)  It was an interesting experience – there wasn’t as much patchwork fabric as I’d hoped (although there was a craft fabric section) and some things seemed *more* expensive than I’d seen them elsewhere.  However, an open mind and a sharp eye revealed some great bargains, especially thanks to Abakhan selling some offcuts and ends of bolts by weight.  For example, I picked up some fantastic black-and-white sheeting that’ll be perfect for my big D9P quilt for the princely sum of about £6!  It’s not wide enough (though it’s *certainly* more than long enough!), but I was planning to do some piecing on the back anyway and I have a whole bunch of charm squares of the fabrics used on the front, plus more pink batik, so that’s fine.Black and white sheeting

In the main fabric section, I also picked up a quantity of useful-looking calico (perfect for adding structure to quilted bags and pot holders) and some nice plain pale blue/gray cotton fabric that’ll be very handy as a background for busier fabrics.

In the actual patchwork section, I had some great (and bargainous!) finds:Golden snowflakes

This Christmassy print with gold snowflakes was only £1.80 a meter, and with just under 2m left on the roll I couldn’t resist buying it all – the repeat isn’t very large, but there’s enough for me to try a kaleidoscope quilt with it.  After all, they don’t look easy (especially setting up the fabric properly before cutting) and I’d rather make a mess with cheap fabric than full-price fabric!

orange_turquoise_butterfliesI LOVE this fabric!  It’s just so bright and fun.  And it was also only £1.80 per meter!  In some ways it would also have been great for a kaleidoscope quilt, but there’s not quite enough for the necessary six repeats (even though there’s almost 3m of fabric there!), and it’d almost be a shame to lose the base pattern because it’s so cool.  I may use it fussy cut or as a backing fabric.

zesty_chevronsThese chevrons are great!  Lovely zesty colours and there’s a lot of fabric there (this is a piece that was being sold by weight), so it’ll be perfect for backing.

Ikat print


I think this is what people mean when they talk about an ikat look – ikat is fabric woven from tie-dyed threads (I’ve seen it done in Cambodia and it’s fascinating).  Clearly this is just a printed effect here, but it looks cool.  I love the print and the colour shading, it reminds me of the beaches I saw in SE Asia – again it could be a back or be used as a kaleidoscope quilt.

And now I really must stop buying fabric and start MAKING thinks with it!

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