Yellow squares

Creative Oozings #16 – A Splash of Sun

I’m a member on Craftster, and while browsing around on there the other day, I spotted the Challenge Section for the first time and the upcoming challege – 100 things – caught my eye.  Some time ago, I’d been reading the blog over on Oh Fransson and had admired her Postage Stamp tutorial.  100 things, I decided, could *definitely* be 100 squares of fabric!

Yellow squares

I’d already set aside a selection of yellow-hued charm squares but hadn’t done any more with them, given how many other projects needed finishing.  The challenge topic gave me a nudge and a deadline, so over the last few days I chopped up charm squares into 1.5″ squares (giving me nine from each charm square), arranged them, pieced them, quilted them and bound them in time to enter the competition!Quilting the sunThe above is part-way through the quilting and embellishment – I was trying to figure out where to put 100 metallic seed beads.  It’s hard to see, but the ones around the points of the sun are also graded from light in the centre to dark on the tips.  I’m really happy with how the overall colour gradation worked out, though I did need to raid my stash for a couple more yellow fabrics to add.

sunThe finished item!  It’s about 10″ square, and I plan to use it as a wall hanging to brighten things up when winter sets in.  This is the first time I’ve tried hand quilting, too.  I bought a skein of Anchor perle #5 (I love the look of those threads, but have never used them before) to try out.  Between the seams from the squares, the interfacing that holds them together initially, and the rather thick thread, the hand quilting was not an easy task.  I’d do it again, but on something easier next time!  The metallic thread was quilted by machine, and is what prompted me to finally ring up the Sewing Machine Man to get mum’s Husky (and my AEG) machine seen to.  I know metallic threads are tricky (Gutermann Sulky, I’ve decided, is so-named because “sulky” is exactly how I feel after using it!), but I don’t think they should be *that* difficult.  He took a look and identified a few problems that really needed attention – I feel guilty now for not calling sooner!  The machine should be back later today, and I’m looking forward to testing it out and seeing if there’s an improvement.  He’s also (hopefully) fixed my cheapie AEG machine that I bought in Germany.


UPDATE:  The votes are in and I came second in the challenge.  It wasn’t a very close thing (the winner got 20 votes, I got 9), but I’m super chuffed anyway and the winning piece was very creative and unusual.

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