Creative Oozings #17 – A Busy Couple of Months

Long time, no post.  Not because I haven’t been doing things, more because I’ve not stopped doing things.  August and September have seen several completed quilty bits, several shows of varying sizes, and a new member of the family, among other things.  It’s not been dull!

Below are some sneak peeks of things I’ve made over the last couple of months; I’ll add links to the specific posts as I write them.


Beach Baby changing mat


Star Baby quiltB&B_quilting_detail

Birds and Bees baby quiltwindows_piecedJapan Fan Club door curtain

Some of these have been entered in local shows, with some pleasing results!  I also went for the first time to the Festival Of Quilts in Birmingham, which was a wonderful, inspiring experience.  I spent so much time looking at all the amazing show entries, I hardly had time to splash my carefully budgeted cash at the trade stands!  But I did come away with a nice little haul of pretties, plus some much-needed wadding for some of my half-finished projects.  Next time, I would try to go for more than one day – some of the workshops sounded very interesting but I simply didn’t have time.owl_bunting

The start of September also saw the birth of my first niece, the beautiful little Nia.  All of us have been very involved with the labour, birth and those tricky first few weeks, but mother and baby (and dad!) are all doing well.  As well as some of the items above, I whipped up some owl bunting from some of the left-over curtain fabric from Nia’s room, backed with coordinating orange and green fat quarters and strung together with bias binding.

We’ve also been busy setting up a designated craft room so that I don’t have to do everything on the dining room table.  The new room looks great with the new lino flooring we put down, and I got a table modified with longer legs to make a much more comfortable cutting surface for me (I’m quite tall, and cutting on the dining room table was killing my back).  It’s still waiting for a decent craft table, though, which is a little frustrating because the dining room table is currently out of commission and I have nowhere to sew!  Oh, and I have a deadline for finishing two more baby/child quilts for my cousin’s little boy and girl, ideally before their grandparents (my aunt and uncle) come up to visit next week.  So, no pressure then!  XD


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