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Creative Oozings #23 – More Baby Quilts

As well as the quilts I made for Nia and Chloe, I also decided to make quilts as Christmas presents for another cousin’s little boy and girl (I have a lot of cousins…).  Thanks to a bumper pack of charm squares from the Cotton Patch, I already have Toby’s quilt top pieced, it just needs quilting.Coin stackI took it fabric shopping with me and picked up some black fabric with little metallic gold spots on it, which should be perfect as a backing for this quilt.  While I was there, I also picked up a quantity of solid cream/ivory fabric to use with the Moda charm squares I bought ages ago.  The line is 30s Playtime, which I thought would suit little Jess well, but then I had a total brain-freeze regarding a piecing pattern.  I didn’t want to do another coin stack (and in any case didn’t have enough squares) and ironically the Moda prints refused to play nicely with any of the fabrics in my stash.  So I intend to cut a whole bunch of 5″ squares of cream, then pair them up with the Moda squares to make a big pile of HSTs that will be arranged into a sort of chevron design.  I hope.  And I’ll back it with some of the vast quantity of yellow polka dot fabric mum got me to bind the Birds and Bees quilt with.  And all this will hopefully be achieved before my aunt and uncle arrive sometime next week to see my sister’s baby.  We’ll see how that pans out!  And that reminds me, I need to order more wadding for these two quilts or it’ll never happen…

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