Creative Oozings #27 – Just Call Me Crafty Owl

Brownies making wreathsLast Monday, Mum and I were volunteered to come and help my auntie Sue’s Brownie pack make Christmas Crafts to sell and raise funds.  Mum, with her talent for flower arranging, was put on oasis-and-greenery duty, while I armed myself with a small pile of cheap wooden embroidery hoops and a large pile of assorted strips of fabric and braced for impact.  I hadn’t managed to write a tutorial for fabric wreaths for the Brownies, but  I did manage to cut up a whole pile of strips of fleece from the off-cuts I got from Stef and make a “here’s one I made earlier” example wreath.  In the event, I was glad I hadn’t wasted my time making a tutorial; the wreaths are very straightforward to make (tie strip around ring, repeat until full, decorate as desired) and the girls were far too excitable to read anything.Brownies_6They were fascinated by all the fabric strips and helped me sort out a few piles of different colours, then I managed to redirect them to the hoops and started them tying on the strips.  It seemed to go down very well and there was lots of enthusiasm all round, and I was very grateful to the two Young Leaders who were assigned to help me with an ever-increasing number of excitable young girls.  There was a lot of, “Look Crafty Owl!  Look at this!” and I helped the girls tie on spray-painted pinecones and Christmas baubles to finish off their wreaths.  Aside from occasionally needing to police the pile of shiny fabric (of which there was a somewhat limited supply), everything seemed to go very smoothly and a grand total of 11 wreaths were made – not bad for a first attempt.Brownies_4(That’s my arm in the red – I don’t like photos of myself!  :p)

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