Creative Oozings #30 – Looking Back, Looking Forward

Well that was an interesting year.  Not the easiest we’ve ever had, what with new babies and household crises, but we seem to have survived, just about!  It has also, for me, been a year of much quilting.  It’s very easy, when reading forum threads and blog posts from apparently super-human peeps churning out king-sized quilts every other day, to feel that I’m not managing much in comparison, but in fact I think I’ve had a fairly good year for actually finishing things, even though I still have some substantial projects outstanding.

Finished Things!

Actually, I think that’s quite a lot of things finished.  Especially since some of them are quite sizeable or have multiple parts.  And there were a couple of little projects that never made it to the point of being photographed (a couple of pot holders and a phone case for mum, iirc.)  *slightly proud face*

Not-Finished Things

  1. That Damn Wedding Quilt!  It’s becoming a serious bugbear now.  I have the fabric I need to do the necessary Bs (border, backing, binding) for it, I just need the confidence, time and space to tackle those last bits.  Oh, and the quilting.  Oh god, the quilting!  Though I seriously hope my new machine will help greatly there, what with the bigger throat space and the huge extension table.  After I’ve cleared mum’s birthday and a couple of outstanding unfinished Christmas presents, I must make this the number one priority; maybe it’ll be done by Sian’s birthday in March (or by their wedding anniversary in June at the latest!).All The Hearts
  2. Japan Fans door curtain.  I started the quilting, then had to stop because I was running out of my chosen metallic thread.  However, I bought plenty more so I have no excuse now.  Chances of me finishing this before mum’s birthday on the 5th are slim-to-none, but there’s always Mothering Sunday!Japan Fans Attic Windows door curtain
  3. Baby quilt #1.  *SO* nearly done!  ;A;  This is the one with the mangled quilting thanks to my cheap-ass walking foot copping out on me.  I’ve unpicked the snaggly bits, I just need to point the Pfaff at it and let ‘er rip.  So to speak.  And then spend AGES brushing off all the linty bits from the wadding that have coated ALL the black fabric.  🙁  Suddenly I get the point of black wadding!Coin stack
  4. Baby quilt #2.  Still in a pile of unconnected, untrimmed HSTs on my cutting table.  🙁  Though I did trim a few more yesterday.  It’s tedious but undemanding work, at least.  When I was doing the festive table set, I figured out a quicker way to trim HSTs before ironing them (very handy given the tiny size of the ones used there), but unfortunately all these are already ironed so I just have to grit my teeth and trim all the sides.HST blocks
  5. Disappearing Nine-Patch.  The back of this is still all over the floor of my craft room, looking sad and reproachful because it was shoved down the to-do list thanks to my focus on Christmas presents.  And the fact that I don’t much like sewing Y seams.  I must be brave and tackle it.Scrappy Lone Star
  6. …Other odds ‘n’ sods.  Like that weird tea-coloured D9P and the scrappy batik squares I made.  Oh, and the hilariously late Advent Calendar.  (It’ll have to be ready for *next* Christmas!)  I’m sure there are more that I just can’t remember right now!  :p  I’m also developing quite a mess of scraps, so at some point I need to spend some time trimming them down into usable squares and doing …something… with them.  Maybe a Linus quilt or two; one of my fellow Quilt Clubbers is now an organiser for the Linus Project and I’m sure she’d welcome the contribution.

I also have vague and not-so-vague plans for more quilty projects, fuelled at least in part by recent fabric purchases.  Sometimes I think I shouldn’t be allowed out unsupervised!  I’ll show off my recent acquisitions in a future post, though.  Whatever else 2015 might bring, I have a feeling there will be quilts in there too!

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