Fabric Addict

Oh yes.  That’s me.  I am trying to have at least a vague idea of something I want to make when I buy fabric these days, but my hoarder instincts still kick in and get the better of me at times!

Christmas Fabrics

fabric_8I love these icy blues, I think they’ll make a lovely frosty wall hanging or table set.

fabric_7 These are large pieces of festive fabric I got at Abakhan.  They’re very useful for backing and I intend to use the cream/gold tree print to make the background and backing of the very delayed Advent Calendar.

Fabric with a Plan

fabric_2This is some rather lovely V&A-based fabric I got in John Lewis for half price.  Half price means I can buy twice as much, right?  😉  So I got two metres of each.  I love the colours of both, and since I keep muttering about stack ‘n’ whack quilts, that’s what I might use these for – with a little difference.  There’s enough of each version for three (possibly four?) repeats, so my intention is to use that to make kaleidoscope block that alternate blue-pink/green-purple around the block.  (I think I’m not explaining this well….)  Anyway, I think it would make a really nice bed quilt for mum.

fabric_10Bali Pop batik strips.  Oh, how I love these.  I’ve wanted some for ages, then Cotton Patch had them on offer right before Christmas so I splurged and bought four.  From top to bottom, we have Red Hots, Licorice, Breakers and Taffy.  The Red Hots and Breakers will be used in the next Quilt Club group project – a Damask Rose pattern chosen by Pat so that she could try using pre-cut strips.  I’m hoping mine will end up looking like many golden suns sashed with blue.  🙂  The Licorice strips are intended for a tribute quilt to my loyal “readers” and “commenters”, the spam bots.  :p  I don’t have a specific plan for the green strips yet, but they’re GREEN.  I love green.  (Though I don’t get the connection between the colours and the name.  Green taffy?  Really?)

fabric_11Another candidate for stack ‘n’ whack, from Abakhan.  It’s a big, diverse print so I think it’ll work well.  I’m sure I was going to have a clever name for this, but I think it’ll end up being the REAL TREES quilt:fabric_12

fabric_13The print is littered with text that says REALTREE or apg – presumably trademarks to prevent commercial use and copying.  It struck me as really odd and almost put me off buying the fabric completely, but then I figured that it doesn’t matter if I make a mess of it and it’ll probably only be a sofa throw quilt anyway.  But I’ve never seen that before.  Weird.

fabric_17This is a heavier cotton print from Ikea, I’d like to use it to make a new bag for Sian.

fabric_1Tim Holtz prints!  😀  MAP FABRIC!  😀 😀  When I saw it in Aberdashery, I had to have some!  (Actually, I had to have all three metres left on the bolt… *ahem*)  Again, I’m very tempted to use it in a stack ‘n’ whack, but I’m not sure.  It’s almost to awesome to cut up.  We shall see.  The music print was bought in the same place, and I’ve already used some in a table runner for my aunt; the other two I bought from John Lewis (alas, they were not half price).

fabric_20I’m getting to have quite a pile of these vintage/retro/map prints now, collected from many places and many fabric lines.  Initially I thought I would use them to make myself a bag, but now I’m not sure.  Perhaps they could be persuaded to become a really nice bed quilt if handled right, but I don’t want them to end up being a big pile of blah.

Backing Fabrics

fabric_16All quilters have some of this in their stash, apparently, and now so do I!

fabric_15More Abakhan goodness (though I seem to have much more of the beige than the blue).  These should be very useful as blenders and backing.

fabric_14How warm and sunset-like does this look?  Again, I got it from Abakhan after I fell in love with those brilliant oranges and rich purples.  This might end up backing my Damask Suns.

fabric_4Another Ikea effort; I decided £15 for 5m of fabric was pretty good going and the Japanese-ish ripples and fish are very attractive.

Odds and Bods

fabric_5 Science-y fabric!  😀  I got the elements fabric at the FoQ in Birmingham; the rest have been picked up here and there as I’ve spotted them.  There needs to be more science/geek fabric in the world.

fabric_3Bird prints (I have one more somewhere that’s mostly turquoise) – not sure what they’ll be yet, I think I’ll have to keep collecting and wait for a *ping*.

fabric_19Which came first?  🙂  Quite an Eastery print, this.  Bought for hilariously cheap at Abakhan.

fabric_18Stamps!  So cool!  No idea what they’ll be used for, though.

So that’s pretty much all my new fabric.  And hopefully this year will see at least some of it become a quilt or two!  🙂

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