A Billion WIPs

Doing that WIP Wednesday Thing again!  Does twice count as a habit?

I’ve been muddling along with quite a few different projects recently.  Why is finishing things so hard?  But actually, I am beginning to feel more on top of my current projects.  Woo!

Reversible Table Runner


Here’s the front and back of a table runner I’m making for my aunt (it’s a very belated Christmas present).  The piecing went really fast, but then I kind of stalled on the quilting thanks to my arguments with the Pfaff over FMQ.  I started with in-the-ditch lines to hold everything together, then attempted some FMQ hearts that almost caused me to flip the table and hurl the Pfaff through a window.heart_quilting_01

However, after my recent tweaks to the FMQ settings, I even felt brave enough to try doing some metallic quilting on it.  And it worked!


…kind of.  Shaky fail echo-quilting notwithstanding.  And I did break another precious metallic needle until I realised I needed to drop the tension more.  I decided not to push my luck with metallic FMQ once I’d finished these, so the cream strip squares are in the process of being straight-line quilted with eight-point stars:


 Coin Stack Baby Quilt


I just have to sit and hand-finish the binding!  WOO!  😀  (And then spend ages de-fuzzing and washing it to get rid of all the batting fuzz.  Oh well.)

Wedding Quilt

It has borders!

wedding_bordersAnd a back!


It’s ready to pin baste and quilt, the only reason I haven’t done this apart from being terrified of the size of it is a lack of floor space on which to spread it (it would have been fine if I hadn’t added the borders) and a lack of transport to get it to Stef’s to borrow her floor.  But soon!  Soon…!  (And then I will have to overcome my fear of quilting it.)

Disappearing Nine-Patch/Scrappy Lone Star

D9P_backHere’s the back of my black and white Disappearing Nine-Patch quilt.  It needs a bit more squaring up and some good borders to bring it up to size, but I’m really pleased with it.  The Lone Star came out rather better than I thought it might and I love how scrappy it is with all the joins from its technicolour tapeworm origins!  It belongs to this chap:D9P_borders

But finishing the Wedding quilt takes priority over this, so it may be a while before it gets quilted.

Damask Suns

damask_sunsThese are the first four Damask Rose blocks that I’ve started along with several other people at Quilt Club.  I couldn’t resist doing mine in batik fabrics (of course!), but it’s fascinating to see how the same block comes out so differently according to peoples’ fabric choices.  And they’re ALL beautiful!  🙂  I’ve been holding off doing too much on these outside of Quilt Club because some people needed a chance to catch up and it’s not like I don’t already have a bunch of things on the go, but I couldn’t resist spending an evening cutting out all the pieces for the 20 blocks, and they’re handily stored in some dinky zip-lock bags I got in Ikea:

pieces_of_sunsHaving them all cut and ready to go makes assembling the block seem much less fiddly.  Last Quilt Club, I got six more blocks together – half way there!

10_sunsSome blocks have come out quite subtle, others have more contrast.  I hope the impact will be seen when all the blocks are finished and sashed with blue batiks.  If nothing else, it radiates warmth!  This will be for Mum.

There’s also been some progress on quilting the Japan Fan Club, and now that I seem to have figured out the Pfaff a little more, I’m happier that I can do the FMQ I want to do on it.  🙂

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