The Scraps of my Heart(s)

After making all the heart blocks for the Wedding Quilt, I was left with a whole bunch of half-square triangles trimmed from the corners.  The larger triangles come from the bases of the hearts, the smaller ones are from the top points of the hearts.heart_scraps_largeheart_scraps_small
I didn’t keep all the off-cut triangles; some weren’t cut well and I chucked some of the smaller ones because I wasn’t sure they’d be big enough to do anything sensible with.  But there’s still a whole bunch of the things!  😮

On a whim the other week, I started to chain-piece the larger triangles together.  It’s quite a soothing and mindless task – plug in earphones, put on some tunes and just keep feeding triangles through the machine until the pile (or the bobbin thread!) runs out!  Once trimmed and pressed, the larger triangles made very nice 2.5″ squares:heart_squares_largePretty, no?  After I did all the big ones, I decided to try the little ones, too.  They’re a lot fiddlier and make squares of 1.25″.heart_scraps_1201_5

That’s a rather awkward size, though.  The finished size of 0.75″ doesn’t fit very well with the finished size of the larger squares (2″).  Still, that didn’t stop me sewing them ALL together anyway!  The majority of them are still waiting to be trimmed and ironed.

So, that’s nice.  So what?

Well, I thought they’d make a nice lap quilt, especially if combined with one (or more) of the leftover heart blocks that I have floating about.  Luckily, although there’s only a smidge of compatibility between the large and small HST squares (eight small ones = three large ones), a nine-patch of large HST squares matches up very well with the heart block dimensions:heart_scraps_1201_7

In keeping with my relaxed approach to all this, I decided to not fuss over a layout but just grab squares from the pile and piece them as they came.  And I like it!  However, although it seems like a lot of squares, it isn’t actually all that many in quilt terms (those small ones in particular don’t go far!), so I intend to dig out the other scraps and leftovers from cutting the hearts originally and mix in solid squares in both sizes in reds, pinks and creams until I feel I have enough to make a better size of quilt.  So far I’ve only put together that one nine-patch and a few of the little squares and I have other, more pressing projects to be getting on with, but I’m quietly pleased and fond of these anyway.  🙂

As an aside, this is a project that made me appreciate the Pfaff SO much.  Look at these points!

heart_scraps_1201_9heart_scraps_1201_10Sexy, no?  That second one is the small squares!  Rawr!  😀

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12 thoughts on “The Scraps of my Heart(s)”

    1. Thank you for your comment! 🙂 I really like those lil cuties too, though I’m waiting for another no-brain day to trim and press the rest of ’em! While I was making these, I discovered that it was *much* easier to trim these down before pressing them open. Because I was trimming two sides at once, it went much faster and gave good results.

  1. I so hear you about needing some mindless, just send it through the machine sewing. My “friends” donate their HST cut offs to me. This gives me a ton of them that need to be sewn together. Then the real job is figuring out what to do with them next. I need to take a lesson from your relaxed approach. Joanne

    1. Thank you for commenting! 🙂 Yup, it’s lovely to have some switch-off time, isn’t it? I can be a bit control freak at times, so something like this is a real refresher. In fairness, I’d probably be more stumped if my scraps here were in a variety of colours, and would probably end up trying to marshal them into some sort of structure.

  2. A great use of “bonus” triangles. I sometimes use them as leaders-and-enders, though that eliminates the mindless break.

    It is always nice to have scraps color coordinated because they come from the same main project. I love the arrangement where you combine them with the heart blocks. Maybe the tiny ones would make a sawtooth row.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts! I knew when I saw them that I couldn’t just waste them. 🙂 I’m fascinated by the idea of leader/ender projects, I only found out about them recently but haven’t been organised enough to try it yet. Totally agree about colour coordination, too – these are probably my most coordinated scraps, so I decided they were a good place to start.

    1. Thank you! Most of the credit probably belongs to my sewing machine! XD The relaxed approach is a nice change for me; I’m usually quite control freak so it’s nice to switch that off now and again. 🙂 Thanks for hosting a lovely link-up party!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 The only difficulty now is concentrating on the things I *need* to finish before I do any more with these. Oooops!

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