Baby Quilt – Birds and Pluses

plus_0404_9I was thinking of listing this as my entry for A Lovely Year of Finishes for April.  However, my cousin had her third baby (a little girl and the future owner of this quilt) yesterday and the quilt went from being separate squares all over the floor to pieced, basted and quilted in the space of a half a day.  (I’d had the squares cut for some weeks now, but it kind of got sidelined thanks to Marsala Spice demanding lots of floor room.)  Entering it now, when it only needs trimming and binding, seems a bit cheesy!

plus_0404_2The back is That Number Fabric, courtesy of Ikea.  I’d bought some on a whim when I was there a few months ago, and was glad that I had!

plus_0404_7The quilting was done with two variegated cottons from YLI – yellow tones in the needle and pretty variegated pastels in the bobbin – pretty for a little girl; I used the same thread on her sister’s quilt.plus_0404_8It’s not wildly elaborate, as quilting goes, but for babies I’m thinking simple is good – I’m not sure they appreciate heavily quilted, so-stiff-you-can’t-bend-it quilts!  But the Pfaff ate it up in no time – it loves to be presented with a nice long length of fabric to chew through.  I didn’t bother to mark or anything, and didn’t find I needed to.

I’m thinking of calling it “Birds of a Feather”, thanks to the three different bird prints in it:

The one on the left is from a bundle of cute fabrics my sister gave me for my birthday last year, and the the one in the middle was on offer in John Lewis.  And those chicks and eggs are perfect for an Easter baby, I thought!  🙂  I’m quite proud that, other than the wadding, this quilt was made completely from my stash – I didn’t buy any of the fabrics for it “specially”.  (This is a thing to be proud of, yes?  *hopeful face*)  Next I’m going to rootle around and dig out any left-over fabric from the top to make a pieced scrappy binding, and then I just need to find time to go deliver the three quilts (brother and sister quilts are here) to their new owners.  \o/

2 thoughts on “Baby Quilt – Birds and Pluses”

  1. I love the backing fabric! I’ve just browsed several of your lovely quilts. Came via Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts. Nothing better than using what you have in your stash, and you did a great job!

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂 I think I’m going to want more of that number fabric, it’s so handy!

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