Something Old, Something New

After the Something Blue of the previous post (yes, that’s totally its name now), here’s some of the other stuff I’ve been pottering at recently.

Something(s) old


These are the numbered pockets for an advent calendar that I started ages ago; I finally got around to doing machine applique around each number to fix them in place.  They were attached with bondaweb, but they’re so small and bondaweb doesn’t really do well on flannel, so the stitching was necessary.  I used three different colours of metallic thread and I’m really pleased with how it’s highlighted the numbers and made them easier to read.


Next I’ll have to work on making the background for them.


This is some of the FMQ quilting on FrostByte, which has really stalled.  I’d like to dig it out and do some more on it, though it’s not coming out at all as I thought/hoped it would.  I need to learn more fillers!


Lastly, here are my Damask Suns all sashed and ready to be backed and quilted.  I’m really pleased with the contrast between the red/orange/yellow blocks and the blue sashing!  Next thing is to decide if it needs more of a border or not, and sort out backing.

Something(s) new


My niece’s first birthday is at the start of September, so I decided to get a head start on her birthday present – a set of six building blocks made of fabric-covered foam, with letters and numbers appliqued on.  I worked out that six blocks can hold the whole alphabet and numbers 1 to 10 exactly, which makes me a happy bunny!


These are my foam blocks.  They’re 5″ cubes cut to order, and I was impressed by how neat they are and how quickly they arrived; I don’t have much experience with ordering pre-cut foam, but this seems to have worked out well.

This is for a friend’s little girl.  The petal shapes are made by folding and stitching circles of fabric, which gives a really nice effect and is a fun thing to do while watching TV!  I still have quite a few circles to fold, then I shall arrange them into “flowers” on the quilt top (which is just a jelly-roll race with green batiks) and machine applique them on.  There may also be small yellow circles/hexagons for the flower centres, I haven’t decided yet.

Logo! Labels!


At long last, I messed around in Inkscape and had an idea for a logo for myself!  It’s not a million miles from the current name of this site, so it sort of fits, and my quilting activities recently have certainly felt rather itinerant.


This was also the first time I ordered anything from Spoonflower; in general I’m quite impressed, although the lightest grey I used is very faint indeed.  I’ll probably use up these first and then darken up the next batch when I need to order more.  There are two kinds of label – larger ones for proper quilts that I can write (or stitch) the name of the quilt and the recipient(s) on, and smaller ones designed to make loop labels for things like toys or bags.  I think I could see myself ordering more from Spoonflower at some point, I just love the whole concept of it!

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6 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New”

  1. You have some great ideas going on – I love the idea of ordering pre-cut foam for blocks and look forward to seeing your finish!

    1. Thank you! I’m very pleased with the foam, it ended up being less than a tenner for all six blocks, including postage! Just need to find the printer cables so I can print out my letters and numbers and get applique’ing! 🙂

  2. I adore the advent pockets – just my style!! You’ve lots of lovely projects on the go at the moment and good on you for being so organised for your niece’s birthday. My daughter’s is the first week of September and I haven’t even thought about it yet!

    1. Thank you! The advent calendar has been an interesting little side-project – I’d never really worked with flannel before and it’s very different to quilting cotton. They’ve been fantastic practice for machine applique, too – I feel much more confident about doing Nia’s blocks now. 🙂

  3. Your plaid Advent pockets are right up my alley. I love working with plaids (though I don’t use much flannel). They will make a charming calendar. I hope you’ll show it when you finish.

    Your Damask Suns echo the warmth of a summer day. Beautiful!

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