New Pretties, aka Don’t Eat Yellow Snow

I had a chance to go to Lampeter on Friday and visit the wonderful Calico Kate, always a fun experience although my bank account doesn’t agree!  However, I was quite focussed and I had a plan, so only a bit of “oooo, that’s nice!” fabric snuck into my basket!  Coupled with an online order I placed last week, I now have lots of new prettiness to coo over:


Bali Pops in Taffy and Red Hots – I canNOT get enough of these things, I love them so much!  And these two are absolutely perfect for the Minecraft cushions I want to make for one of my cousins’ children – a Creeper and a Blaze.  🙂  The Creeper’s already well under way, a bit approximate because I’m dealing with non-exact matches and multi-tone colours, but I’m pleased so far!

Moda layer cakes – Cold Spell and Snow.  I’ll be honest, I thought “Snow” was going to be more, well, snow-coloured, rather than the very cream colour it proved to be.  That’s a bit disappointing, since I was hoping to combine these two layer cakes and make a Disappearing Hour Glass quilt for my aunt and uncle who so kindly hosted us while we were looking for somewhere to live.  But I don’t think there’s sufficient contrast for that here – the cream-coloured Cold Spell prints are just too close to the cream solid.  So now I’m thinking Irish Chain instead, although I think I’ll need another Cold Spell layer cake to make it work.  Hmmm.

More Moda, this time some scrap bags – it’s like a lucky dip for quilters!  No idea what range(s) all these are from, they just promise that the fabrics in each bag will blend with each other.  One set looks quite Christmassy, the other seems more traditional/US patriotic, but there’s a good cross-over of colours between the two packs.  They’re mostly not what I’d buy for myself, but useful to have.  Possibly also candidates for a scrappy Irish Chain – I don’t know why, but I have that pattern on the brain right now!


Wait, how did you find your way into my basket?  Oh well, you might as well stay now…  Seriously, Oriental/Asian print fabrics are some of my favourites, and these should go well with the ones I already have.  These ones are from Kona Bay.  I love the ladies, they’ll look wonderful peeking out from a Garden Fence.  🙂


…And this is the fabric I actually went in the shop for!  The red, blue, green and spots are all from (I believe) Moda, and the cream is from Andover.   Another cousin (I may have mentioned that I have a lot of cousins) has commissioned me to make a quilt for her children using some vintage curtains that have a particular meaning to her family.


This is what she gave me to work with – cute, no?  The weight’s good, not too heavy for patchwork, but very in need of a wash and stained and torn in places.


They all seem to go together really well, and I love the textured look of the “solids” (including the cream, although you can’t see it here), it really echoes the feel of the vintage fabric.  I’m still pondering the spots – on the one hand it ties in really well with the colours of the vintage fabric, on the other hand I’m concerned that it’s a bit too busy.

My mission is to rescue as many of those adorable lil boys and pandas as I can and quiltify them, ideally keeping the vintage feel but adding a lil modern flair if I can.  My plan is to fussy-cut out all the presentable images and sash them with narrow borders of red, blue or green (or maybe a sort of gold to match the boy’s hair?), then arrange the resulting shapes pleasingly and fill in the gaps with simple blocks of colour or cream (to lighten things up a bit).  The idea is to showcase the lil figures without lots of fussy patchwork or prints to distract from them.  It looks ok in my mind’s eye, but I’m going to have to test the theory to be sure!  This is one of those moments when I wonder if it wouldn’t be worth having a copy of Electric Quilt to play with.  When I get a moment, I’ll run up a small example and show it to my cousin to see what she thinks – she’s the one that needs to like it, after all!  🙂

Linking up, for the first time, with Sunday Stash over at Molli Sparkles.  🙂

7 thoughts on “New Pretties, aka Don’t Eat Yellow Snow”

    1. Thanks! I’ve got my eye on the Cold Spell batiks too, but decided I’d already been extravagant enough for one month!

  1. Great buys. I love scrap packs too. It’s amazing how much you can make out of one of them.
    Weather permitting I’m off to Lampeter next weekend for the quilt show at Cae Hir. Hopefully I’ll get some time to pop into Calico Kate’s aswell

    1. Thanks! So far I’ve proved better at buying scrap bags than using them, but I guess they’re there for when that A-HA! moment hits. 🙂

      Oooo, you are? Excellent! I’ve entered a quilt at that show, just for a giggle, and am hoping to go and admire all the other entries too (probably on the Monday so’s I can pick my quilt afterwards). It’s the first “proper” quilt show (as opposed to patchwork/quilted categories at agricultural shows) that I’ve entered. Needless to say, I have *all* my fingers crossed for good weather that weekend! 🙂

  2. Hilarious that extra stuff jumps into your basket when you are going in with one main reason in mind! I have that same issue. Love the panda fabric, and the colours you’ve put with it look great. What a cool project.

    1. It’s funny, but I’m sure I often buy much more fabric (overall) when I go shopping with a Plan as opposed to “just browsing” – if I have a plan then I buy stuff for that and also often “that’s cool!” stuff as well, but if I have no plan then I get all choice-locked and bimble around being unable to make a decision on anything! Though part of it is probably to do with the fact that I have a growing number of UFOs and potential projects begging for my attention now!

      They are cute, aren’t they? 🙂 It’s (currently) really sunny here, so I might risk washing them and seeing what happens.

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