Oh, Christmas Tree!

Right now, in my head, that sounds like a euphemism for something ruder.  And it’s all my own fault, too.


Really, I don’t know what I was thinking.  The general concept – applique a bunch of green prints in the shape of a Christmas tree – was simple enough, or it should have been.  But there’s nothing so simple that I can’t usually find a way to make life harder for myself!  Instead of using fusible web or freezer paper templates (like any sane person might), I decided to use paper templates to cut out my shapes and then attempted to glue-baste them.  Uhmm…. not so satisfactory.  I think I had vague ideas of being able to trim back the backing fabric afterwards to reduce bulk, and also avoid that slightly “crunchy” feel of fused fabric.  But… this is going to be a Advent calendar wall hanging!  It doesn’t need to be snuggly!  No one will care if some areas are bulkier!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!  Ahem.  Still.  This is the stuff of which learning curves are made, I believe.  Also, I don’t actually own any freezer paper (it’s not such a common supermarket sight here in the UK), but this project has made me want to get some to try – I think it would have been better than what I did do.


And then, to make things even better, I started to machine applique around my glued-on shapes with thread that was entirely the wrong shades of green and in completely the wrong style of satin stitch – too wide, too dense.  In fact, it looked so dreadful that I didn’t even pause to find the camera – that stuff got hit with the seam ripper so fast it didn’t even have time to blink.  If you want a mental image, picture a fat, stripy green worm with ugly kinks in it laid across some fabric, and you’re about there.  Luckily, I also have a goodly quantity of plain dark green thread that is doing a much better job of things, especially with a less dense zig-zag stitch to lighten things up as well.  Also, turns out that sewing green to other green with more green is hard work – who knew?!


So all the green has now been safely appliqued, which at least means I can stop panicking about losing bits of fabric or the paper pattern.  It’s not Christmas for a while yet, but I’m persevering with this because I would like it done now, please.  And really, there isn’t much more to do – just baste and quilt it and attach the Advent pockets in a pleasing way.  And next time I try to do something like this, I will know better how to deal with it – or at least what not to do.

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4 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree!”

    1. Than you! Christmas-tree green is my favourite colour – that’s a good thing when working with lots of it. 🙂 And it feels really good to get a project moving forward; this one’s been loitering around since before Christmas 2014!

  1. It is definitely harder to work on shapes that haven’t been fused to something. You might try a spray adhesive that people tend to use for basting quilts or in machine embroidery. It “sounds” like it would work but I haven’t tried it yet. I too hate the crunchy feel of fused fabric although there are new products available that supposedly keep the end product soft.

    1. Thanks for the tips! This is definitely not my finest work, though in the end I think it could have been much worse. But I guess the real fun will start when I get to quilting it!

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