Lovely Bubbly!

After my shameful confessions of fabric hoarding recently, some good news on the other side of the coin – some stash-busting projects!  My craft-swap gifts and the baby quilt below have come entirely from stash (other than the batting for the baby quilt – I even made Franken-batting for the Crane hanging and cushion).  This makes me feel very much better about my fabric spending!  🙂


This unpromising pile of 2.5″ strips became scrappy “Round the World” blocks (tutorial over at Quiltville).  It’s a fun, fast way to assemble blocks, it’s strip-roll friendly and I can see it being a very handy pattern for those occasions when I need a quilt, STAT!  (Like now, when the recipient of this quilt is due this month.)  For my version, I used three different strip rolls I had kicking around – all of one, about half of a second and a handful from a third.  Thankfully, it’s quite forgiving as regards to combinations of colour and prints.  I really hope that the baby’s a girl and that her mum doesn’t mind bright colours!


After pressing the blocks, I skiffled them around a bit to try a chevron layout (I didn’t like it) and then settled on a diamond layout that I quite liked.  Luckily, I still had a nice piece of the chevron fabric I used on the back of this quilt and to my delight it was just big enough for this project.  The chevron colours work well with the colours in the quilt top.


I quilted the top with concentric diamonds in variegated turquoise thread in the needle and variegated pastel thread in the bobbin.  Now all it needs is binding and it’s done.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Lovely Bubbly!”

    1. Thank you very much, Cheryl! I do love making colourful quilts for littl’ees. 🙂

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