I Aten’t Dead

…I’ve just been super-busy for the last couple of months!  Family stuff, work, a wedding, that whole Brexit thing, and last but not least, crafting!  Things have been made, I’ve just been regrettably bad about sharing it of late.  So, I’m going to do a few catch-up posts to show what I’ve been up to and what I’m currently playing with.  🙂

First off, more bags!  The organiser of the sewing group I joined when I was dog-sitting in Dorset back in May/June kindly forwarded me some pics of the bag tombola stand that I contributed to:

Doesn’t it look amazing?  The variety and creativity was lovely, and the stand did really well, as it deserved to!  Great job, ladies!  😀  As well as donating two bags of my own, I gambled on a ticket and won a very cute and beautifully made little tartan shoulder bag, great for if I want to look a bit smarter out and about.

I made another, slightly smaller version of my “Produce bag” very quickly as a gift, with a different theme – a whimsical purple unicorn print:


I love this print, it’s so much fun, and it’s going to crop up in some other things I’ve been working on recently!  😉

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