Toddler Teepee

Welcome to part 2 of n!  In September last year my niece turned two, and my sister suggested that she’d really like a toddler tent or teepee to play in.  After doing a bit of research and establishing that my sister was quite sure that Nia really wanted a tent and that she was aware of how much space a toddler teepee would take up, I set to work.

After looking at a few examples online, I got some 60″ wide heavy calico and cut out an initial triangle for one side, then used it as a template to cut out the other sides – three full sides and one door side in total.  Once I had my basic pieces, I started the decoration phase, which proved to be the most time-consuming part.  I’d picked up some really lovely Tula Pink prints in the local fabric shop and used the fox one as a feature above the door:


The fluffy ric-rack braid was a chance find when I stopped in Hereford to visit Doughty’s – I bought all they had left on the reel with this project in mind and it proved a perfect choice.

Sian had also mentioned that a window would be good, and I was quite taken with the notion.  I’d tracked down some clear PVC for a different project and still had plenty left over, so I cut out a circle and MacGyver’ed a porthole window on the side that was intended to be opposite the door:


It ended up being a little wrinkled, but overall I was really pleased with it.  Next time, I’d use some stitch’n’tear stabliser to hold the circle in shape while inserting the PVC.  Also, fuzzy chenille ric-rack!  Covers a multitude of sins.  😉

The door was made with more of the foxy print:


Bit of a miracle that the foxes lined up, that was completely by chance.  🙂  I couldn’t resist adding some mini “bunting” triangles in various teal prints, although I’d hesitate to make any that small again!  They were quite fiddly, but quite effective when complete.  On the other three sides, I used a floral Tula Pink print and some orange fabric to create “flower pots” with orange triangles and green ric-rack for the stems.


A couple of tie-backs made with coordinating stripy fabric and some velcro and I could call it done:

teepee_0209_05 teepee_0209_04

I do love a satisfied customer!  🙂


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