A (Belated) Look Back At 2016

Well.  That was an… interesting year.  I would prefer not to have another one like it any time soon, please.  But on the crafting front, I think it went better than expected for me.  I completed a big commission, did some experimenting, built a city out of fabric, and sent some hexagons ’round the twist (and some others around the world!).

I sewed for charity and for others, and even snuck in a project or two for myself.  I successfully participated in two sewing swaps – one for quilt blocks of my own paper-pieced design and one for EPP hexagons.



There were some hiccups too – I still haven’t got back to my fairly terrible shot-cotton project to salvage it yet:


It’s still quite possible that that lot will have a one-sided meeting with a seam ripper; I haven’t decided yet and I have other, more biddable projects calling for my attention.

So there was quite a diverse range of projects and techniques, really!  Bags, quilts, cushions, dressmaking, crochet, beads, machine quilting, hand quilting… I learned a lot from each of these projects and I’m looking forward to seeing what new things I learn in 2017!  I’m pretty sure it will involve dyeing – I treated myself to a Procion Dye starter kit that just arrived and I’m really looking forward to playing with it.  The main challenge with that will be creating dyed fabric that doesn’t look impossibly hippy-ish.  Nothing wrong with the hippy look, but it’s not really me.  😉  There’ll probably more embroidery too – I have a delightful box of hand-dyed House of Embroidery embroidery flosses that arrived on the 24th of December (Happy Christmas, me!) that I keep crooning lovingly over – they really are gorgeous.


They’re a shameless indulgence, but I do have some projects in mind for them and I got them on offer thanks to Mary Corbet’s Needle n’ Thread.  There were several different options for buying smaller colour groups, but when I realised that I loved several sets too much to choose and that all the ones I liked would add up to a larger boxed set, I caved in!  There’s a really nice range of colours in this set, including loads of greens, my favourite colour.  🙂


The on-going hexagon map project is still on-going and I have several other WIPs that I’d really like to take by the scruff and finish at last – most notably my sister’s wedding quilt (it’s basted, let’s see if I can get it done by their anniversary in June!), my long-neglected Marsala quilt (I have some great thread and ideas lined up for the quilting, just need to figure out getting the beggar basted), and my scrappy Irish Chain needs some love (and borders).  There’s a pile of other projects waiting for attention, too.  I’m sensing a not-too-distant-future post with a run-down and prognosis for all my major WIPs and goals for 2017.  I also already have a 2017 finish to share soon that was a test-bed for a technique I’ve wanted to try for some time, so I’m really looking forward to showing it off here too.  🙂

2 thoughts on “A (Belated) Look Back At 2016”

  1. Great set of finishes/ufos from last year. I know you don’t like the shot cotton quilt but it may be rescued with quilting. A modern doodle style quilting pattern all over may change the look of it.

    1. Thank you, Gina! <3 Luckily(!), I haven't assembled the shot cotton blocks yet - a different layout might also work wonders, or some sashing (or both). You're right that quilting can change everything. 🙂

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