Tragedy and Comedy Finished

…and here it is all quilted and bound:

Tragedy and Comedy

I could maybe have been a lil more creative with the quilting, but in the end I kept things fairly simple, with sharp stippling in red and back on the masks and smooth stippling on all the background areas.  The eyes and mouth were left largely unquilted because I liked the way that looked.

Quilted texture

The back shows the quilted design really clearly as well:

Because this is intended as a wall hanging, I added corner pockets at the top to hold a dowel, and did reasonably successful machine binding for the first time ever thanks to the application of loads of Clover wonder clips:

Corner pockets

All the quilting was done by using the 6D spring foot with Guettermann Sulky rayon thread, a 80/12 embroidery needle, a tension of 4.0 and a pivot height of -1.

I didn’t have any skipped stitches (that I noticed) and very few thread breakages.  This was a HUGE improvement over the last time I tried quilting with rayon!  This time, the thread behaved really well, even allowing me to thread-paint over some warbly spots where I’d wobbled off the line thanks to my not-amazing FMQ skills.  Woo!

It’s in the post to its new home now and I will be in a mild state of anxiety until I know that it’s arrived safely and that its new owner likes it – most Craftster swaps are done with a reasonable degree of secrecy so unless she’s checked out this blog, the recipient should have no idea what I’ve sent her.  *bites nails nervously*

13 thoughts on “Tragedy and Comedy Finished”

  1. This is not a quilt. It is a statement, unlike anything I have seen before. It speaks for itself and requires no description. You should be so proud of it. Congratulations on a standing ovation of a quilt ?

    1. Thank you so much, Preeti! I am very proud of it! I wasn’t sure whether I would be up to the task of making it a reality, but it demanded that I try, and I can never resist a challenge. 🙂

    1. Thank you Lena! 🙂 I’m considering making a larger version so I can expand the design a bit and try some different quilting motifs. We’ll see! 😉

  2. Can you sell or give me the paper piecing and instructions? I am making a quilt for my grandson and would love to have this as the center motif. He has been accepted into a theater program in California, where he lives! This pattern is perfect!!

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