Long time, no chat

Anxiety and depression suck, yo. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Have a picture of a major Thing I finished at last:

4 thoughts on “Long time, no chat”

  1. Love be the quilt. The colours are awesome. Post when you can and don’t beat yourself when you don’t. We’re a supportive quilting community

    1. Thank you! I’ll give it a proper post of its own soon, I am jolly proud of it and finishing it last year was a bit of a milestone for me. 🙂 And thank you for the supportive words, too. <3 Things have been a bit rough over the last couple of years, but I'm beginning to feel like I might have an handle on things again. The quilting community is so lovely, I've missed interacting with it fully!

  2. Been down that road with you this year, Sister. Thankfully, I finally gifted a finish to the university sweetie who had to wait 4 months for it. Sending gratitude your way, because I love seeing your quilts and talent!

    1. *hugs* Well done you! And four months to finish a project is _fast_ in my book, lol! At my worst points I couldn’t even begin to contemplate being creative, but crafting has been there waiting patiently for me to sort myself out again. Sending love and gratitude back at you!

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