Blast from the Past 1: Ty Cyw Cushion

“Ty Cyw! Ty Cyw! Tumty-tumty something-something TY CYW!”

Ty Cyw is a Welsh-language children’s entertainment section on S4C, and when she was younger it was one of my niece’s favourite things to watch when she visited Nanny (my mum). It translates as “Cyw’s House”, Cyw being a white cartoon chicken who lives with a variety of other cartoon animal characters and some live-action human friends, and they all have jolly japes together. As kids’ TV goes, it’s pretty cute and inoffensive – and it’s probably improved my Welsh a tiny bit, too! For my niece’s birthday a few years ago, I thought it might be nice to make her a cushion with Cyw on it, so I found a nice screen-cap of a waving Cyw and set to work!

The nice thing about this cartoon style, from a crafting point of view, is the fact that it’s all composed of simple shapes! I decided to use raw-edge machine appliqué and it was very easy to draft a pattern and get started. Somewhat unusually, I decided to use some specialty synthetic fabrics to add texture and interest.

I used a shiny stretch synthetic velvety fabric for Cyw’s body, gold stretch lamé for the legs and beak, and some shiny metallic red…. something…! for the comb and wattle. The background was crafting cottons that I already had in my stash. It was a bit of a battle to get the bondaweb fused to the synthetics and then to get each piece fused down without causing too much heat damage to the synthetic fibres. The strange red stuff proved the trickiest in this regard, but eventually everything was stuck in place and I could zig-zag around everything to make sure it was secure – important since the synthetics show a tendency to try and peel away from the bondaweb if I wasn’t careful!

Once everything was firmly attached, I quilted it quite lightly and cushion-y-fied it with some super-cuddly flannel for the back:

Nia was thrilled, and Cyw now has pride of place on her bed every night! <3

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