Blast from the Past 2: A Bit of Embroidery

Mum’s a member of the Cardiganshire Horticultural Society, and in April last year they had a stand at the local famer’s market to advertise the organisation. Mum’s a skilled flower arranger, so she somehow ended up with the job of creating a display to attract attention on the stand. In the end she created two striking pieces, one more floral one and another that showcased garden produce and other, more unusual plant life. The floral one was planned to be in a small ornamental wooden wheelbarrow and mum wanted some sort of label or sign on the side of it with the CHS logo. Short of painting one on, I wasn’t sure how she was going to achieve this, but I thought about it and decided that I could make her a fabric banner that could hang over the side of the barrow and show off the logo.

As logos go, it’s quite a busy one! I decided to use a dark green, linen-textured quilting cotton as the background and machine-appliqué for the initials. Then I traced – with some difficulty! – the spriggy flowery bits onto the background and proceeded to “interpret” them in hand embroidery.

Although it’s not something I do often, I rather enjoy a bit of embroidery sometimes! I could do with more practice, really. I have quite a lot of odds and ends of cotton embroidery floss gathered over the years from second-hand shops and left over from small kit projects, so I couldn’t begin to say what colours or even brand(s) I used. I decided the most important thing was to make sure I had enough of a particular colour for whatever area I was stitching, and it all seemed to work out in the end. I was quite pleased with it when it was done!

On market day, I popped along to see the CHS stand, which mum was helping to run, and it looked fantastic! Mum’s eye-catching arrangements were attracting a lot of interest and they’d decided to lay my little hanging on view on the front of the stand.

So it didn’t end up where it was originally intended to, but I think it was a success anyway!

2 thoughts on “Blast from the Past 2: A Bit of Embroidery”

  1. I love the embroidery and the flower arrangements. I know what you mean. What do you do with and how do you store those embroidery bits. I have mega strands because I had a hip replacement operation and since I couldn’t quilt I bought buckets of cross stitch kits. Now I have lots of extra floss with no home.

    1. Thank you, Nancy! <3  I hope you and yours are staying well in these interesting times we live in!

      I used to "store" my floss in a small cardboard box, some of it was reasonably tidy but some was a terrible tangle.  Then I treated myself to a set of hand-dyed threads and it came on cardboard spools in a plastic case and I had a bit of a revelation!  So I got a couple more plastic boxes and some more spools and spent a number of evenings unpicking everything and matching it up and winding it onto all the spools.  Sounds tedious but actually is the kind of task that I can get really absorbed in.  It's amazing to have it all looking so tidy and now I can actually use it when the mood takes me!

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