I Aten’t Dead – It Just Feels Like It

2021, eh? It’s not ALL been bad (see below!), but it ain’t been great either. Family ill-health has been an issue throughout this year, most notably my mum who (apparently) reacted really badly to the Pfizer Covid vaccine. Months later and she’s still not right and we’re still battling to get to the bottom of it and help her feel better. Thankfully, I had very little reaction to my own Covid vaccinations, what a relief!

Alas, one thing I haven’t managed to do much of this year is sew. I have had other, four-legged considerations on my mind! Meet Gwion, a pedigree Cardigan Welsh Corgi who became mine on the 31st of December 2020. He turned 1 on the first of November 2021. He is a very cheeky noodle and I love him to bits. I shall be very glad when he finally stops trying to eat shoes, however.

Alas, just as it looked as though Gwion was starting to become almost civilised and I had some blessed free time to sew, this happened:

A deeply mundane slip and fall onto asphalt at the end of September left me with a fractured wrist that ended up needing surgery. It’s almost four weeks since the staples were removed, I’ve been good about doing my exercises and I am hoping that my next fracture clinic, on Wednesday, will go well and I will finally be allowed to drive again. I am eternally grateful to the people who helped me when I first broke my wrist and to Gwion’s breeder, who generously hosted me and Gwion until I healed enough to cope with managing being at home again. It’s been a challenging year and I just want both hands working again, and to see the back of 2021. Here’s hoping that 2022 will be better, at least I have had my puppy to brighten the grimmer moments!

Goodbye, Muffin

When you’re a pet owner, you always know there will come times like this, when a little soul that you have cared for, cleaned, fed and loved from the moment it left its mother will leave you.  If you’re lucky, your furry (scaly, feathery) companion will leave you after a long, healthy life.  Unfortunately for me in this case, my sweet girl Muffin died on the 22nd of January, at the comparatively “young” age of 4, after several months of treatment for cystitis.


Goodbye, little one.  I will miss your reedy (and sometimes extremely loud!) voice calling for breakfast, your mad hair and your quirky eye patch, your striking “supermodel” looks and diva attitude.  The way that you came to trust me and look to me for reassurance when something upset you, even though you were so suspicious of people when you first arrived.  The way you used to run rough-velvet lips across my cheek and jaw, “kiss” my nose and chin, and stick tickly whiskers in my ear, or sprawl to your fullest extent on my lap.  You were not always an easy guinea pig to handle, but your affection meant all the more because of that.


Mommet misses you too, she keeps looking for you and you’re not there, although I think she knew before any of us just how ill you really were.


Sleep well and without pain, sweet pig.

A Bit of Bloggy Housekeeping and 2017 Goals

I’m terrible at resolutions, but with the arrival of 2017 I thought I ought to tidy up a bit around here.  I’ve sorted out and categorised my collection of blog links (for my own benefit as much as anyone else’s) and weeded out the ones that go nowhere (or that appear to be dead) and I’ve archived old and expired link-up buttons into their own page.  I may also try a different WordPress template at some point; this one is ok, but I’m not in love with it.

Goals for 2017

As mentioned, I don’t really do resolutions, but I think I might try goals.  A fixed target is easier to aim at than some nebulous promise to “do better this time, honest”.

So, one crafty goal this year is to publish a blog post at least once a month.  I was doing reasonably well last year, then it all went to pot during the second half.  The discipline of writing up each project as I work on or complete it is good for me and it’s nice to get external opinions where possible.  C’mon, serve me up some Truth Tea!  😉


Another goal is to use my scrap bin to make at least six “scrap” projects.  I already have one completed to share soon, I’ll be following Molli Sparkles’ Honey Pot Bee and I just signed up for a mini quilt swap on Craftster, so hooray for that!  As a corollary to this, my stash bin really needs sorting – right now, if I want to find a particular colour or print the whole lot gets up-ended on the floor.  This is Nawt Ideal for a number of reasons.


Goal three will be to finish at least three major (throw-sized or larger) WIP projects from previous years.  I’ll do a run-down of my fleet of UFOs soon, and I dearly want/need to cross some of them off my list.


Goal four will be to develop at least two projects to a publishable form (e.g., magazine submission, a Craftsy project, a free pdf tutorial, whatever).  This is a pretty big goal and a new challenge for me, which is why I’ve set the bar fairly low.  But I’d like to share my patterns more widely and, if possible, get my hobby to pay for itself a little!  Hopefully having publishing as my main source of employment will help, but we’ll see!  😉


I also want to consider stash management this year.  Last year I saw a lot of stash manifestos posted, although I didn’t join in the trend myself at the time.  However, I now have a fairly mature stash that I would be better off using rather than endlessly buying more fabric just because.  Even if it is sparkly/delicious/my favourite colour/etc.  But there need to be rules and I haven’t written them yet.  They’ll be Coming Soon(TM)!


A side-effect of stash management will be stash organisation.  As well as tackling the scrap bin, I need to sift through my current collection of untouched yardage to see what I’ve got.  Then when I want to use something I’ll actually be able to lay hands on it!

I’m sure I will think of more goals as the year goes on, but these are some of the key ones that I really want to tackle.  Wish me luck and lots of sewing time!  😉

Tranquillity on Sunday

Today has been extremely frustrating *glares furiously at WordPress*, and I am in need of some tranquillity.


Hopefully I’ll get to post some Marsala Spice progress tomorrow, and I’m working on a tutorial for the blocks.


I’m supposed to be at the Quilt Club Christmas lunch, but I’m not.  I’m sulking at home, feeling drained and exhausted and not really capable of anything except slumping here wearing lots of layers and drinking copious quantities of tea.  I really hope Tuesday’s B12 jab starts kicking in soon; I hate having pernicious anaemia.  In the meantime I shall be poking a manuscript in a desultory manner and if I feel really enthusiastic later then I may write a small tutorial on how to make fabric wreaths for my aunt’s Brownie pack.  I did promise I would.  🙁

Pernicious Anaemia

When I arrived back from travelling, I was on quite a high.  Full of enthusiasm for all the things I’d do now I was home:  Get down to some dedicated freelancing. Help mum with finishing the Cowshed project. Start jogging. Go see a careers advisor and perhaps look into courses to further my education.  Finish off long-overdue craft projects.  But as the days and weeks passed, my bounce wore off and I spent my days slumped in a chair trying unsuccessfully to force my suddenly uncooperative brain to focus on my work.  Mum kept commenting on how pallid I was starting to look as my tropical suntan began to fade.

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Turns out that, when travelling and freelancing, time spent sitting in a cafe on a laptop is better spent working rather than blogging. Who knew? Anyway, I’m back home now, and may or may not update with random posts on whatever I feel like. 😉