Honey Pot Bee Block Mods

I’m having SO much fun with #TheHoneyPotBee!  Probably because of the flexibility and customisability of each month’s blocks – long may it continue!  After the very positive response I got for the mod I did for February’s #SewRoyalBlock, I decided that I would start a lil series of my own to document and share whatever mods I make to the core Honey Pot Bee blocks (I asked for Royal Permission first, don’t worry! ;)).  That way, if anyone fancies doing something similar, they can see what I’ve done and make their own version.

IMPORTANT NOTE!  I am NOT replacing the original block tutorials!  You will still need the original instructions for each block from the relevant blog, the link for which will be provided in each post.


The Crystal Crown – #SewRoyalBlock mod


With love… – #AsYouWishBlock mod