Creative Oozings #18 – All Change Here

Ok, less of the bad puns. With the impending birth of a new niece or nephew, I’d decided to make some quilty bits and bobs for the new arrival.  I’d already come up with a vague plan for a quilt, but while browsing through the Moda Bakeshop I saw the beautiful changing mat in this post.  Having helped out with my best friend’s small children, I can appreciate how useful these things are, so I decided to make one similar for my sister and her husband (and the new baby!).  My local fabric shop had just got in some very pretty seashell/beach themed fabric, too, which I thought would be perfect to use, especially as they live near the sea!  And hopefully not too girly, since my brother-in-law will be expected to make use of it too!  (Not sure I completely succeeded there, but at least it’s not covered in flowers…)
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