Christmas Crafts

In part 3 of n, I’m sharing a couple of smaller things that I made for Christmas.  One was an experiment, the other was a gift for my sister.

Some time ago I’d seen a video tutorial for a honeycomb ornament made out of paper.  It looked quite straightforward and effective and I wondered whether I could make something similar in fabric.  With Christmas coming up, I decided it was worth a go!  I cut a number of circles from green fabric and lightweight wadding, then sewed pairs of fabric circles right sides together with one circle of wadding, leaving a gap for turning through.ornament_0601_4


To reduce bulk, I carefully trimmed back the wadding and clipped the seams before I turned through and topstitched each padded disc:


Once my discs were complete, I joined them in pairs by using my sewing machine’s couching foot and some metallic gold embroidery thread, leaving a tail at the bottom of each disc.


Then the tricky part began!  Working out how to “stack” my discs to make a spherical shape that wasn’t too distorted was surprisingly tricky, and I pursued several unsuccessful options before I worked out how to arrange them best.  That done, I got out my seed bead collection and started stitching the disc edges together in an alternating arrangement to create the honeycomb effect:


A ribbon for hanging and it’s complete!  Certainly an interesting challenge, and I have ideas now for how to do a somewhat easier version.  As an aside, I was really impressed by the gold embroidery thread – it put up with a lot of abuse while I was arranging the discs, but it didn’t shred and it still looks good.

The other smaller project I made was a little decorated wooden box for my sister to keep odds and ends of makeup in on her dressing table – something she’d asked for specifically.  I found a little pre-made wooden box for £1 in The Works that looked perfect for the job, plus it had little windows for pictures or photos – just right for a little photo of my niece to really personalise it.  🙂  When I got the box home, I used it as a template to cut card shapes of each side, then painted the inside of the box with black acrylic paint and varnished it.  While it was drying, I dug out some nice scraps of furnishing fabric I’d picked up recently and some lightweight wadding and covered the card shapes:


I really like this fabric, there was just enough to cover the box and it’s the kind of thing my sister likes, too.  🙂  To attach the wadding and fabric to the card, I used glue dots – it’s the first time I’ve used them and I was very impressed, they stick really well!


To zhuzh the panels up more, I again dug out my bead and sequin stash and decorated the edge of the hearts and sprinkled beads and sequins across the surfaces before hot-gluing the panels to the sides of the varnished wooden box:

makeup_pot_done_2 makeup_pot_done_1

Couched gold braid finished off the edges and some black felt covered the bottom to give a nice finish.  Other than the wooden box, everything I used came from stash.  I’m choosing to see that as a good thing!  😀  My niece is really taken with it too (although I suspect that’s something to do with a 2yo’s self-admiration of a picture of herself!), so apparently I need to make something similar for her!  I might make myself one too, to have in my sewing room for pencils and pens (and my hera marker, if I ever figure out where it disappeared to).

Creative Oozings #5 – Christmas Presents

Shortly before Christmas, Stefani proposed that we do a couple of smaller projects that could become Christmas presents.  One was a pin board, another was a Christmas-themed fabric wreath.  I ended up being a bit after the fact with the pin board and making it at home (because I’d got in a mix-up over which session we were doing it in), but managed to be in sync for the wreath (which was awkward because it was the week that pretty much all of us forgot to bring along cutting mats and rotary cutters!).  Digging through my stash, I realised that I had a surprising amount of Christmassy fat quarters, though I’d bought a few more just in case.  I like Christmas fabric a lot (it’s usually so sparkly!), but I also find it a real challenge in terms of design because it’s SO Christmassy.  Anyway.

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Creative Oozings #3 – Fimo and Beads

If there’s one thing I love more than fabric, it’s probably beads.  I’ve been collecting beads for about as long as I can remember and I have a large plastic storage box full of my eclectic selection.  Unfortunately, as with fabric, I usually buy beads I like without any real plan to make them into something.  I’m also terrible at buying findings, which means that I almost never have the right findings to finish a project.  But I’m trying to be better!

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