I Aten’t Dead – It Just Feels Like It

2021, eh? It’s not ALL been bad (see below!), but it ain’t been great either. Family ill-health has been an issue throughout this year, most notably my mum who (apparently) reacted really badly to the Pfizer Covid vaccine. Months later and she’s still not right and we’re still battling to get to the bottom of it and help her feel better. Thankfully, I had very little reaction to my own Covid vaccinations, what a relief!

Alas, one thing I haven’t managed to do much of this year is sew. I have had other, four-legged considerations on my mind! Meet Gwion, a pedigree Cardigan Welsh Corgi who became mine on the 31st of December 2020. He turned 1 on the first of November 2021. He is a very cheeky noodle and I love him to bits. I shall be very glad when he finally stops trying to eat shoes, however.

Alas, just as it looked as though Gwion was starting to become almost civilised and I had some blessed free time to sew, this happened:

A deeply mundane slip and fall onto asphalt at the end of September left me with a fractured wrist that ended up needing surgery. It’s almost four weeks since the staples were removed, I’ve been good about doing my exercises and I am hoping that my next fracture clinic, on Wednesday, will go well and I will finally be allowed to drive again. I am eternally grateful to the people who helped me when I first broke my wrist and to Gwion’s breeder, who generously hosted me and Gwion until I healed enough to cope with managing being at home again. It’s been a challenging year and I just want both hands working again, and to see the back of 2021. Here’s hoping that 2022 will be better, at least I have had my puppy to brighten the grimmer moments!