My last post was in August?!?!  Good grief.  Not good.  Not good at all.  Not that I have been slothful for the last four months, far from it, but I’ve been slothful about posting about my crafty activities.  My bad.  🙁  I’m going to do few catch-up posts to share what I’ve been up to craft-wise while I’ve been failing to blog, so this is part 1 of n, in which n is likely to be 4 or 5, given that some of my projects really do deserve posts of their own.  😉

To make a start, I’m still working on my hexagons project – as well as all the pretty hexies I received, I’m in the process of making a bunch of my own, it’s a great activity for unwinding in front of the TV of an evening.  Here are some of the hexies I received from my swap partners, plus bonus fabric in many cases:

Cute, no?  Once I’d churned through the bonus fabric (some people, bless them, also sent bonus templates!), I cut a whole mess of squares from my own stash to “use up” the spare templates I had printed and cut out.  I’ve got over 300 hexies finished now, and the number’s set to grow before I’m “done”.  🙂  I have a sneaking suspicion that I could end up with a squares/templates arms race if I’m not careful.  😛  But it’s safe to say that I’ve really been bitten by the EPP bug now, as I’ll demonstrate soon with a project I am really proud of.  😉

However, the big news for the summer in craft terms was the completion of my second commission project, Blue Diamonds.


It was great to see it finished and in its new home.  🙂  I finished it while sitting on dogs in Dorset (all those points means a lot of hand sewing of binding), then delivered it in person en route back to Wales (with a side trip to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, one day is never quite enough for that show!).

The lady I made the quilt for does a lot of crafting herself and kindly gave me some bits of blue-and-white fabric for my stash that were already cut into (rather approximate) squares.  In the theme of “pass it on”, I decided to use the fabric she gave me, plus a little from my own stash, to make up a little quilt top to donate to a friend who works for Project Linus:


In a brief departure from quilting, I was seduced by a beautiful, untouched skein of a merino/silk blend yarn that I saw in a local charity shop for the comparatively bargain price of £3 (I looked up the yarn later online – it’s usually about three times that!).  The colour scheme was blues and greens and the yarn itself felt lovely and luxurious.  I do like yarn, but as a non-knitter I don’t often buy it because the nice stuff is usually expensive for an amateur like me to mangle.  Most of my previous efforts with yarn have ended in tears and swearing.  However, one skein seemed not too intimidating and I can use a crochet hook a bit, so I took it home with me and googled free crochet scarf patterns.  Happily, I quickly stumbled across a pattern for yarn that broadly resembled mine in appearance and weight and was also pretty straightforward for a novice hooker, the broomstick lace infinity scarf.  Bonus points for being an infinity scarf (a big barrier for me wearing scarves is dealing with the ends) and for pretty much only needing one stitch.  I tracked down a suitable crochet hook, pressed a short length of wooden dowel into service as my “broomstick” and set to!


A few evenings of patient hooking (and one of untangling the horrid mess I made because I forgot to ball the yarn before I started!), and I had myself a lovely new scarf for the winter.  I love it a lot, it’s really nice to wear.  I made my scarf a bit longer because my yarn seemed to be slightly finer than that used in the tutorial, and I think I should also have made it a little wider, too.  There’s still not quite half the skein left, so I am debating whether I can figure out how to attach it to make the scarf a few units wider.

So here’s a start, I’m off to hunt down supper and write up some more project posts to share.  🙂  Expect part 2 of n soon!