Goodbye, Muffin

When you’re a pet owner, you always know there will come times like this, when a little soul that you have cared for, cleaned, fed and loved from the moment it left its mother will leave you.  If you’re lucky, your furry (scaly, feathery) companion will leave you after a long, healthy life.  Unfortunately for me in this case, my sweet girl Muffin died on the 22nd of January, at the comparatively “young” age of 4, after several months of treatment for cystitis.


Goodbye, little one.  I will miss your reedy (and sometimes extremely loud!) voice calling for breakfast, your mad hair and your quirky eye patch, your striking “supermodel” looks and diva attitude.  The way that you came to trust me and look to me for reassurance when something upset you, even though you were so suspicious of people when you first arrived.  The way you used to run rough-velvet lips across my cheek and jaw, “kiss” my nose and chin, and stick tickly whiskers in my ear, or sprawl to your fullest extent on my lap.  You were not always an easy guinea pig to handle, but your affection meant all the more because of that.


Mommet misses you too, she keeps looking for you and you’re not there, although I think she knew before any of us just how ill you really were.


Sleep well and without pain, sweet pig.