First Quilty Publication – Cattitude!

Despite my near-total radio silence last year, 2019 was actually a pretty positive year for me, quilting-wise. One of those positive things? I submitted an original design to Make Modern magazine and got accepted! The staff at Make Modern were lovely and made my first publication a really smooth experience, I can’t thank them enough for taking a chance on an “unknown” like me. <3

Splash page from Make Modern Issue 32

The design itself came about when I was looking at well-established blocks of four cat shapes sitting around a square, with their tails entwined. That was all fine and good, I thought, but what if there were MOAR! CATS?! My fondness for an equilateral triangle is well-documented here, so I opened my trusty Inkscape and set to doodling. The resulting design is Cattitude, six(!) cats sitting around a hexagon formed from their entwined tails. It’s foundation-paper pieced and works best with “reads-as-solid” or solid fabrics. My first version was pieced with Liberty prints, which I love but not all of which were strong enough to really “sell” the cat shapes, so during my submission I suggested that I could remake the pattern (another good opportunity for testing!) with different fabrics, which the Make Modern staff agreed was a good idea.

The original “Cattitude”

Luckily, I already had a FQ bundle of the delightfully zingy Quantum by Guicy Giuce for Andover, and we agreed they would be just the thing for the remake. It was a good call – I love the cheery freshness of Cattitude version 2.0!

Somewhat unusually for a cushion pattern, I used a piped edge on both the original and the remake – a bit more effort, but I firmly believe that the finishing details are what really makes a good design. I also suggest the use of left-over scraps to make a fun pieced cushion back:

Cattitude – and many other beautiful modern patterns! – are available now in Issue 32 of Make Modern magazine. <3