Festival of Quilts 2019, Entry 2 – Twinkling Stars

This entry had a double deadline – the Festival of Quilts and an impending new niece or nephew due at the end of July! The design was one I’d already drafted but not made, and I’ve been itching to stretch my “modern” wings a bit, so when I learned that the FoQ entry deadline had been extended I picked up all my courage and entered a quilt I hadn’t even started yet. Because that’s a sensible thing to do!

I’ve have Ideas for Moda’s ombre gradients and some solid navy fabric for a while, and decided to use the ombre to my advantage to create a gradient effect for the stars by selectively cutting different areas of the ombre for the piecing. The bright colours really zing against the navy blue, and I also happened to have some reels of Glide thread that were a great match for my fabric choices. A competition quilt from my stash? Perfect!

Piecing went really smoothly and and the gradient effect worked out really nicely.

I was really pleased with the colours and scale of the three stars – even if the colours got murdered by my mobile phone’s camera! Quilting was a further challenge; I confidently did some Angela Walters-inspired dot-to-dot motifs on the star elements, but temporarily stalled on what to do in the rather extensive negative space of the background!

After much brain-wracking, inspiration struck one night while I was falling asleep – circles! Using my IDT walking foot, I quilted concentric circles that radiated out from each star, mostly in navy-blue Glide thread but with some orange, green or blue circles as well, to match the stars. The backing is a print of cartoon jungle animals, found by mum “in case you hadn’t thought of something for the new baby yet” (eye-roll!), but had oranges and greens that went really well with the fabric on the front, so that worked out well.

I was pleased with how well it looked among its fellow competitors!

I received scores and comments from three judges for this quilt, all of which were really positive and encouraging. While I was at the FoQ, I also did some shameless loitering near my quilts and had some really lovely interactions with other show visitors, who were all really kind about my work. It’s now with its new owner, my little nephew Aled who was born on my birthday!