Play Craft’s Equal – Yardage calculations

See here for my wall of text introduction to making a quilt by using Play Craft’s Equal.

FrostByteThis thing is still preying on my mind, so I decided to crunch some numbers and see if I could calculate yardage estimates for making it!  😀  I adore stuff like this, I really do.  (Hey, I’m a scientist – clue’s in the blog name!  ;))  This post is likely to get pretty mathsy pretty quick, but I’ll do my best to explain my workings and keep it all clear.

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Playing with Play Craft’s Equal

I stumbled across Play Craft’s blog while looking for information about Pantone’s Colour of the Year and noted with interest the web-based quilting tools they have available there: Palette Builder, Color Play and Equal.  The last one in particular caught my eye, being the lover of equilateral triangles that I am!  After poking it for a bit, I decided to see if I can make a quilt from a generated pattern and document the process.

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