Tuesday Stash?

It happened.  It finally happened.  I’ve been threatening to do this for ages:

That right there is an 18m bolt of Autumn-weight 100% cotton wadding (or do you say batting?  I’m afraid I use both interchangeably!) from the Empress Mills January sale.  It’s not actually as thick as I thought it would be, leading me to be glad I ordered this one and not the even thinner Summer weight version.  I think it’ll be fine for the majority of my UFO projects, though.  With postage, it worked out at a whisker over £10 per metre, so a fairly good price, and with the sad closure of Aberdashery at the end of January, it seemed like a good idea to have my own personal supply at last.  Alas, no more handy nipping into town for a couple of metres of wadding and a few fat quarters.  🙁  Now if I want to buy more fabric, I must travel to Lampeter or Machynlleth.  Mind you, that’s maybe not a bad thing from the POV of both my bank balance (dwindling!) or my stash (growing!)  Hopefully, having my own bolt of wadding will also allow me to be more efficient about cutting only what I actually need for a quilt, instead of guesstimating to the nearest half-metre in the shop, which should lead to fewer wadding scraps floating around.  And certainly I have no shortage of projects in urgent need of a bit of wadding!

Speaking of stashes, a few (a very few!) things have managed to sneak under the radar recently.

This is a roll-up of Elizabeth Hartman’s rather delicious Pacific range in cool that I picked up from Craftsy at the same time as I bought my new Clover wonder clips.  I do love the swirl of fresh, blue-green, watery colours!

Not sure what I’ll do with it yet, though.  Probably hoard it like the Fabric Dragon I am until a project demands it.  🙂

Also from Craftsy are these two charm packs of Delhi from RJR.

For some reason I’d decided I needed them to go with some other charm packs for a Garden Fence quilt, but a) no and b) they don’t go anyway.  Ooops.  Ah well, I still like the opulent paisley swirls, I’m sure they won’t be wasted.  😉

Lastly, we have some cheeky lil numbers that threw themselves at me when I went to get fabric for the Tragedy and Comedy wall hanging.

These three, from the Dance of the Dragonfly range by Kanvas, pretty much hurled themselves at me the moment I walked into Calico Kate’s!  (Well, ok, it may perhaps have been the other way around!)  I was particularly taken with these more abstract prints, plus the metallic shimmer of them.  Can’t you just picture them against a crisp white background, possibly as a table runner or place mats?  That purple and green combination is wonderfully lush.

Lastly, here’s a fat quarter of Cascade Stripe from Makower UK:

I love those abstract doodles and, yes, the sparkle.  😉  I also like that it’s a nice warm colour paired with gold that doesn’t scream “CHRISTMAS!” at me.  This bit is very likely to become my new wallet, which I need really quite badly – my current wallet is a rather unlovely nylon effort that went travelling with me and which really doesn’t look very attractive these days – not that it ever did!

Before you ask, I still haven’t defined rules for a stash manifesto yet.  I really need to, but I’m also (mostly!) successfully resisting the urge to buy ALL the fabric, so that’s something.

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A Shimmer and a Sparkle

I have been a bad, bad girl.

2016 is the year of adding to the stash, right?!  :p  Help me out here, Molli!  In my defence, I bought some of this before Christmas and the rest before I noticed all those stash pledges and manifestos popping up.  I’m sure I will buy more fabric this year, but from now on I’m going to try and make sure it’s (mostly!) just what I actually need to complete current projects!

Pre-Christmas Purchases


This wasn’t what made me click through from the Craftsy email, but the moment I saw it I knew beyond all doubt that I needed – NEEDED! – to own this bundle of Van Gogh inspired fat quarters from Robert Kaufman.  And the fact that they were all gone when I checked last week has only confirmed how right I was to buy them when I saw them!  No definite plan for them as yet; I would like a pattern that will show off the swirls of texture and colour, possibly something with hexagons or equilateral triangles?  Still pondering.


Moda Modern Backgrounds in Ink – assorted background prints in greys and blacks were something that I didn’t really have in my stash, and some of these have chemical structures on!  ALL the love!  😀 For the same reason, I couldn’t resist a 4-yard cut of one of the prints in Paper:


Fabric plus chemistry = <3  😀  (Even if it is organic chemistry – I can’t quite shake the notion that Moda rummaged through my Year 2 Uni notes when creating this print!)

January Purchases

…and then I got really carried away!  I’m going to blame the 365 Challenge – such a neat idea, but I simply didn’t have enough fabric (within a given colour range/style) to make it.  (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)  I’m probably going to use some of the Moda above, but when I checked the yardage I decided that I didn’t have enough, so I went rummaging for things that would (hopefully) work with the pattern – and be things that I would want around if I don’t jump in after all.


A bundle of Shimmer 2 from Robert Kaufman was an early entry (the first Shimmer range skated right by me and by the time I noticed it and wanted some, it had disappeared off the face of the planet), but then I couldn’t decide between that and RK’s Sparkle range so, umm…


…yeah.  One bundle of cool Sparkle and one of warm Sparkle, thank you very much!  In fairness, I love a bit of glitz and glamour and these are such glorious fabrics that I’m not worried about not using them!


For more neutral goodness, this bundle of Blueberry Park by Robert Kaufman also fell into the basket.  I love the very graphic designs and they should go with the Shimmer and Sparkle ranges beautifully.  Again, I have the 365 Challenge in mind for (some of) these; we’ll see how it goes.

Last but not least:


Oh yes!


I have been very very curious about the Cotton+Steel prints but they simply don’t seem to be available locally, so when I saw then on Craftsy for a steal (ha!) of a price, they had to be mine.  There’s plenty of colours in here that I’m limited on, so it’s a good addition to the collection.  🙂  I’m hoping they will be fabulous for baby quilts, since I seem to need a never-ending supply of those!

So I have been completely profligate and irresponsible – until I remind myself that, even with postage and tax, these all work out collectively to cheaper (approx. £9-10 a meter on average) than I would likely pay for them here, assuming I could even find them.  So… win?

New Pretties, aka Don’t Eat Yellow Snow

I had a chance to go to Lampeter on Friday and visit the wonderful Calico Kate, always a fun experience although my bank account doesn’t agree!  However, I was quite focussed and I had a plan, so only a bit of “oooo, that’s nice!” fabric snuck into my basket!  Coupled with an online order I placed last week, I now have lots of new prettiness to coo over:


Bali Pops in Taffy and Red Hots – I canNOT get enough of these things, I love them so much!  And these two are absolutely perfect for the Minecraft cushions I want to make for one of my cousins’ children – a Creeper and a Blaze.  🙂  The Creeper’s already well under way, a bit approximate because I’m dealing with non-exact matches and multi-tone colours, but I’m pleased so far!

Moda layer cakes – Cold Spell and Snow.  I’ll be honest, I thought “Snow” was going to be more, well, snow-coloured, rather than the very cream colour it proved to be.  That’s a bit disappointing, since I was hoping to combine these two layer cakes and make a Disappearing Hour Glass quilt for my aunt and uncle who so kindly hosted us while we were looking for somewhere to live.  But I don’t think there’s sufficient contrast for that here – the cream-coloured Cold Spell prints are just too close to the cream solid.  So now I’m thinking Irish Chain instead, although I think I’ll need another Cold Spell layer cake to make it work.  Hmmm.

More Moda, this time some scrap bags – it’s like a lucky dip for quilters!  No idea what range(s) all these are from, they just promise that the fabrics in each bag will blend with each other.  One set looks quite Christmassy, the other seems more traditional/US patriotic, but there’s a good cross-over of colours between the two packs.  They’re mostly not what I’d buy for myself, but useful to have.  Possibly also candidates for a scrappy Irish Chain – I don’t know why, but I have that pattern on the brain right now!


Wait, how did you find your way into my basket?  Oh well, you might as well stay now…  Seriously, Oriental/Asian print fabrics are some of my favourites, and these should go well with the ones I already have.  These ones are from Kona Bay.  I love the ladies, they’ll look wonderful peeking out from a Garden Fence.  🙂


…And this is the fabric I actually went in the shop for!  The red, blue, green and spots are all from (I believe) Moda, and the cream is from Andover.   Another cousin (I may have mentioned that I have a lot of cousins) has commissioned me to make a quilt for her children using some vintage curtains that have a particular meaning to her family.


This is what she gave me to work with – cute, no?  The weight’s good, not too heavy for patchwork, but very in need of a wash and stained and torn in places.


They all seem to go together really well, and I love the textured look of the “solids” (including the cream, although you can’t see it here), it really echoes the feel of the vintage fabric.  I’m still pondering the spots – on the one hand it ties in really well with the colours of the vintage fabric, on the other hand I’m concerned that it’s a bit too busy.

My mission is to rescue as many of those adorable lil boys and pandas as I can and quiltify them, ideally keeping the vintage feel but adding a lil modern flair if I can.  My plan is to fussy-cut out all the presentable images and sash them with narrow borders of red, blue or green (or maybe a sort of gold to match the boy’s hair?), then arrange the resulting shapes pleasingly and fill in the gaps with simple blocks of colour or cream (to lighten things up a bit).  The idea is to showcase the lil figures without lots of fussy patchwork or prints to distract from them.  It looks ok in my mind’s eye, but I’m going to have to test the theory to be sure!  This is one of those moments when I wonder if it wouldn’t be worth having a copy of Electric Quilt to play with.  When I get a moment, I’ll run up a small example and show it to my cousin to see what she thinks – she’s the one that needs to like it, after all!  🙂

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