Creative Oozings #27 – Just Call Me Crafty Owl

Brownies making wreathsLast Monday, Mum and I were volunteered to come and help my auntie Sue’s Brownie pack make Christmas Crafts to sell and raise funds.  Mum, with her talent for flower arranging, was put on oasis-and-greenery duty, while I armed myself with a small pile of cheap wooden embroidery hoops and a large pile of assorted strips of fabric and braced for impact.  I hadn’t managed to write a tutorial for fabric wreaths for the Brownies, but  I did manage to cut up a whole pile of strips of fleece from the off-cuts I got from Stef and make a “here’s one I made earlier” example wreath.  In the event, I was glad I hadn’t wasted my time making a tutorial; the wreaths are very straightforward to make (tie strip around ring, repeat until full, decorate as desired) and the girls were far too excitable to read anything.Brownies_6They were fascinated by all the fabric strips and helped me sort out a few piles of different colours, then I managed to redirect them to the hoops and started them tying on the strips.  It seemed to go down very well and there was lots of enthusiasm all round, and I was very grateful to the two Young Leaders who were assigned to help me with an ever-increasing number of excitable young girls.  There was a lot of, “Look Crafty Owl!  Look at this!” and I helped the girls tie on spray-painted pinecones and Christmas baubles to finish off their wreaths.  Aside from occasionally needing to police the pile of shiny fabric (of which there was a somewhat limited supply), everything seemed to go very smoothly and a grand total of 11 wreaths were made – not bad for a first attempt.Brownies_4(That’s my arm in the red – I don’t like photos of myself!  :p)

Creative Oozings #5 – Christmas Presents

Shortly before Christmas, Stefani proposed that we do a couple of smaller projects that could become Christmas presents.  One was a pin board, another was a Christmas-themed fabric wreath.  I ended up being a bit after the fact with the pin board and making it at home (because I’d got in a mix-up over which session we were doing it in), but managed to be in sync for the wreath (which was awkward because it was the week that pretty much all of us forgot to bring along cutting mats and rotary cutters!).  Digging through my stash, I realised that I had a surprising amount of Christmassy fat quarters, though I’d bought a few more just in case.  I like Christmas fabric a lot (it’s usually so sparkly!), but I also find it a real challenge in terms of design because it’s SO Christmassy.  Anyway.

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